Founded in 1992, American Health Resources is a nationally accredited company that provides both health care professionals and consumers with health related information and education. Through professionally produced and accredited continuing medical education programs, health professionals (i.e. pharmacists, nurses, social workers, essary continuing medical education required to uphold their licenses.

American Health Resources also produces consumer-based events for the purpose of disseminating health and lifestyle resources and information to the community. It is our intention that through these events, consumers will gain important health knowledge and information to help them lead a healthier and more productive life.

We develop, manage, and promote over 20 dynamic events annually at venues such as hotels, conference centers, malls, and client facilities. Each event targets a specific consumer or health professional group and serves as an ideal catalyst for attendees to gain valuable information. Whenever possible, we strive to include other organizations that target our attendee population so that we can jointly offer a better program.